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It had been a full week, now, since Warren's last class, and he was getting... Antsy. There had been too much to take in over this past semester, and the zombies were what drove it all home.

He'd been dead. He'd cracked enough to phone his mother, and she'd been leaving messages on his phone ever since, noting that he'd sounded upset, somehow. He'd been ignoring those messages. Not calling her back. For all it was nice to know that his mother actually had the capacity to step away from her work to take a moment to give a damn about her kid, he hadn't been in the mood.

But tonight? Warren was in the mood. His cell phone rang, and he answered it, and he actually had a serious discussion with her, about anything and everything. About school, both Sky High and Fandom High. About friends back home- he wasn't surprised to hear that Will and Layla were 'going steady,' or whatever. They were all squishy like that. He spoke to his mother about how much he missed his dad, and how much he missed his job at the Paper Lantern, and about the job he had here, at Cafe Fina.

And then he'd mentioned the zombies.

It was a good deal more talking before his mother suggested that he come home. And after all of that talking, Warren could only agree. He'd done his time in boarding school. He was alive. And maybe he didn't want to be a hero, but that never meant that he didn't want to have one for a mom.

[Open-ish. Warren is going to be around at least until Sunday to take his last shift at Cafe Fina, but consider this the beginning of the end, for him. He's had a good run, and it's almost time for him to go home.]
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