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It's that time, isn't it? Time for a post full of info about Warren Peace, or something of the sort?

What, just copypasting large chunks of my app? Neverrrr...

What Is Sky High?

Sky High is a Disney movie about youthful Heroes and Sidekicks, headed off to high school to learn the tricks of their trades. Sky High itself is the educational institution of choice for budding heroes and hero-support, located miles above the ground in a secret location that changes constantly for the sake of the safety of the students. Students from the booming metropolis of Maxville take a flying school bus to class every day.


Will Stronghold is the son of the world's greatest superhero team, Jetstream (who can fly) and Commander Stronghold (who is super strong). He goes to Sky High in his Freshman year, dismayed to have to demonstrate his total lack of powers to peers and faculty alike on the very first day. Shuffled off into the Sidekick class, he has a chance to make friends with the other students with less-than-heroic powers before his own powers are realized in the school cafeteria in a face-off against his archenemy, Warren Peace. At the realization that he's super-strong and was just a late-bloomer, Will is sent to take his proper place among the heroes in the classes for the students who will someday amount to something. Instead of taking classes about flashy entrances, he's taking Mad Science courses. Instead of sitting at the 'loser table,' he's surrounded by the cheerleaders when he's eating lunch in the cafeteria. In Mad Science class one day, Will picks up a girlfriend, who turns out to be a supervillain with a grudge against his family. At the Homecoming Dance, the Sidekicks, Will, and Warren all get a chance to prove their worth and save the day, putting Royal Pain into detention and teaching superheroes and superheroes-in-training that even hero-support is capable of saving the day.

And this is all just Freshman year.

Typical, isn't it? It's high school, after all.

Who Is Warren Peace?

Warren is the son of a superheroine (who doesn't canonically get a name, sadly) and a supervillain by the name of Baron Battle. Naturally, since his mother and his father aren't exactly on great terms and his dad is serving a quadruple life sentence (no parole until after his third life, courtesy of Commander Stronghold), he doesn't have much in the way of a proper upbringing. Warren's a loner. He's that kid who you see sitting at the empty table in the lunchroom, glowering at anyone who dares come close. The tall, kind of scary looking hot boy with the red-streaked hair in his face, who dresses kind of metal, kind of punk, and couldn't care less what anyone thinks about it because he's determined to keep people afraid of him anyhow.

He's the archenemy-turned-best friend of Will Stronghold, who had his hand in saving Sky High from the evil plans of Royal Pain. Even though he's been voted in the yearbook as most likely to become a supervillain, he's still a hero at heart, after all. (Awwww.)

Powers! He Has Them!

Warren, being the son of a superhero and a supervillain, has a superpower that comes to him quite naturally- he's a pyrokenetic who has the ability to light himself on fire at will. A handy-dandy promo card of him says that he has the ability to heat his body up to 310 degrees Fahrenheit in 0.7 seconds. While the movie never shows him lighting his entire body on fire, this is probably because if he did, he'd cause grievous property damage, not because he can't. Fire, after all, has a funny way of burning things. He can, however, throw fireballs, and he can also control to what extent the fire he creates covers his body. And, you know, Disney can be cheap when it comes to their fairly obscure movies, and lighting an entire kid on fire via special effects can get pretty costly.

He also appears to be very resilient, as a scene shows him flying clear through a wall and crashing through a concrete pillar, then getting up and angrily storming off to continue the fight he is in at the time.

As an added bonus, he appears to be able to speak decently fluent Cantonese. Either he learned it growing up, or he picked it up from the owners of the Chinese restaurant he works at, The Paper Lantern. The movie is never really clear on which. For the sake of continuity in the game, I'm going to say he pretty much grew up around that restaurant, partly because learning a second language isn't exactly something most people do in a matter of months working a job part time after classes, and partly because those restaurant owners have him trained pretty good, if he's so darn polite while he's at work while managing to be a nasty grumpypants everywhere else.

And Fandom Warren? What Are You Doing To His Canon?

Fandom High Warren will be coming from a point post-canon, just after his Freshman year and all of the happenings in Sky High. His mother (el nameless superheroine) will have decided that, while Sky High has been good for him from a social viewpoint (he managed to make a friend! Amazing!), he's got wild exposure to all of the potential supervillains that are going to that school as well. His dad is already a supervillain pulling four consecutive life sentences, and there's the concern that the apple might not fall far from the tree.

The best solution? A school that has an open mind, of course, that isn't located miles above the ground and which doesn't have EVIL PEOPLE wandering around.


What Warren's mom doesn't know won't hurt her.

Warren Hates You. Yes. You.

While Warren is a bit on the antisocial side, and he's also a powerful pyrokinetic with temper problems, he's also got a rational, no-nonsense mindset. He's likely to lose his cool on people if they push him, yes. But he's not so likely to start flinging fireballs at people all willy-nilly unless they're seriously, seriously pushing for it. (Or unless they're a member of the Stronghold family talking trash about his dad.)

Actually, he's not allowed to use his powers to a large extent outside of Sky High unless absolutely necessary, so, short of using his finger to light candles, he's not likely to break out the hot hot heat unless there's serious call for it.

What you can expect from Warren, at least initially, is a good deal of sitting at a table far away from you, and possible bouts of glowering angrily. He'll hate it if you talk to him. He'll hate it if you look at him. And he'll try to bust your face if you ask him about his dad.

So please, do all of the above. I'm all about the torture. :D

For More Information!

Date: 2008-07-05 05:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
So please, do all of the above. I'm all about the torture.


Date: 2008-07-05 06:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Someday the Virginia fire inspectors are going to do something about all of these walking fire hazards we have around here.

Date: 2008-07-05 07:14 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ashockingbitch
We're surrounded by water, though.

Date: 2008-07-05 07:14 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] ashockingbitch
*invites Warren to sit at the cool kids' table with the other fire hazards*


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