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Without any classes today, Warren had decided to take the opportunity to get out, take a walk, and be anywhere that didn't involve having to be around people.

The beach, naturally, was the perfect place for that. He'd spent the better part of the morning outside, picking up stones and tossing them into the air, and then hurling little fireballs at them to send them careening off into the water. It was practice. For all that he wasn't supposed to play with his powers outside the gym of his old school, that rule... really didn't make sense, when he had no access at all to the gym of his old school. And besides, a pyrokenetic without practice was really just a matchbox waiting for a spark.

He'd been at it for all of an hour when he decided it was time to take a break.

The moment Warren's butt had touched the sand, he found himself considerably smaller than usual. And a little more damp. Fandom clearly had a sense of humor, because it had deigned to transform Warren into a fire belly newt.

After a moment of consideration, Warren decided that this suited him just fine, so long as it wasn't permanent, and he skittered off to wait for it to wear off from underneath a rock. He didn't mind.

Just so long as he didn't end up eating too many bugs.

[Establishy-thing? Warren's a newt until I get home from my vacation-thing, woo!]


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