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2009-05-05 09:16 pm

The Causeway, Tuesday Evening

Raining. Of course, it had to be raining, right?

Warren sighed, hefting his bag higher up on his shoulder and scowling into the downpour as he looked toward the end of the Causeway. He was pretty sure he'd tied up the last of his loose ends. He'd left candy for Lee back in their...back in the dorm room, fortune cookies for Anemone, and chocolate outside of Momoko's door... Those raspberry truffles she was such a fan of. He figured that was about everything he had left to deal with, and so he was waiting for his lift back home.

Somewhere around the time that he was finally convinced that he couldn't resemble a drowned rat any more than he already did, a familiar figure waved at him from the other end of the Causeway, and with a sigh, Warren started to make his way toward him.

"Sorry I'm late," Will explained. "I tried to get Ron Wilson: Bus Driver to come pick you up because of the weather, but it turns out that he fell into a vat of radioactive waste or something, and he doesn't fit inside his bus anymore. Wow, you look wet."

"Missed you too, Will," Warren grunted, smirking faintly. "You better hope for your sake that you fly fast and that it's dry in Maxville. Let's go home, already."

[And with that, Warren has left the island! Thanks to everyone who's pinged off of him in this past almost-year for making his time here so enjoyable. :)]