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Warren was going to go attend summer camp at a high school that was superhuman-friendly. This in itself wasn't really a stretch, of course. He'd spent his freshman year at Sky High, after all. Took a few classes, spent some time in detention, saved the world.

Nothing horribly out of the ordinary for the son of a superheroine attending classes at a school for superheroes-in-training.

What was unusual was that the school that he was going to was somewhere in Virginia, so far as he'd been informed. No more specialized classes in mad science or lifts to the school on a flying school bus. He didn't expect this place was going to be mundane, exactly. He just wondered how in the world his mother figured he was supposed to avoid walking in the footsteps of his incarcerated father if she was going to insist on pulling him out of classes at the school that taught him specifically how to be a hero.

He'd done well at Sky High. Turned his archenemy into his best friend and his best friend's girlfriend into an archenemy. He'd crushed the terrifying first impression he tended to leave on others, and, while he hadn't ever been anything of a social butterfly, he'd managed by some miracle to make friends.

And now his mother was uprooting him (a turn of phrase that Layla would appreciate, he was sure), and sending him to some island called Fandom.

He'd get over it. Warren Peace always got over it. Except when he didn't. Then he'd just burn things.

The real catch was that he hadn't actually told his employers that he was leaving, yet. That would quite possibly be the most difficult part of this whole adventure, he figured.

"//What do you mean, not coming in to work tomorrow!?//" Warren calmly dodged two bowls of wonton soup and a fortune cookie as his Chinese employer calmly got her head around the news. "//I give you a job, staff discount, all the fortune cookies you can eat, and now you leave us?//"

Warren sighed. His boss was taking it rather well, really.

"//It wasn't my decision,//" he yelled. Calmly. As he threw the fortune cookie back and contemplated scooping up a wonton or two to add to the volley. "//It's a school thing.//"

There was a long, thoughtful silence, and then a spring roll bounced off of Warren's forehead.

"//Do all your homework. Write us. Don't grow up to be a street sweeper or anything.//"

Really, that was all the blessing Warren was ever going to need.

"//We'll see.//"

Fortunately, telling Stronghold and his posse that he was leaving Maxville tomorrow wasn't going to involve half as much yelling in Chinese or soy-sauce in his clothing.

[Establishy, of course! Looking forward to getting Warren onto the island tomorrow!]
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