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Talk at the beep.

Don't waste my time.


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Raining. Of course, it had to be raining, right?

Warren sighed, hefting his bag higher up on his shoulder and scowling into the downpour as he looked toward the end of the Causeway. He was pretty sure he'd tied up the last of his loose ends. He'd left candy for Lee back in their...back in the dorm room, fortune cookies for Anemone, and chocolate outside of Momoko's door... Those raspberry truffles she was such a fan of. He figured that was about everything he had left to deal with, and so he was waiting for his lift back home.

Somewhere around the time that he was finally convinced that he couldn't resemble a drowned rat any more than he already did, a familiar figure waved at him from the other end of the Causeway, and with a sigh, Warren started to make his way toward him.

"Sorry I'm late," Will explained. "I tried to get Ron Wilson: Bus Driver to come pick you up because of the weather, but it turns out that he fell into a vat of radioactive waste or something, and he doesn't fit inside his bus anymore. Wow, you look wet."

"Missed you too, Will," Warren grunted, smirking faintly. "You better hope for your sake that you fly fast and that it's dry in Maxville. Let's go home, already."

[And with that, Warren has left the island! Thanks to everyone who's pinged off of him in this past almost-year for making his time here so enjoyable. :)]
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It had been a full week, now, since Warren's last class, and he was getting... Antsy. There had been too much to take in over this past semester, and the zombies were what drove it all home.

He'd been dead. He'd cracked enough to phone his mother, and she'd been leaving messages on his phone ever since, noting that he'd sounded upset, somehow. He'd been ignoring those messages. Not calling her back. For all it was nice to know that his mother actually had the capacity to step away from her work to take a moment to give a damn about her kid, he hadn't been in the mood.

But tonight? Warren was in the mood. His cell phone rang, and he answered it, and he actually had a serious discussion with her, about anything and everything. About school, both Sky High and Fandom High. About friends back home- he wasn't surprised to hear that Will and Layla were 'going steady,' or whatever. They were all squishy like that. He spoke to his mother about how much he missed his dad, and how much he missed his job at the Paper Lantern, and about the job he had here, at Cafe Fina.

And then he'd mentioned the zombies.

It was a good deal more talking before his mother suggested that he come home. And after all of that talking, Warren could only agree. He'd done his time in boarding school. He was alive. And maybe he didn't want to be a hero, but that never meant that he didn't want to have one for a mom.

[Open-ish. Warren is going to be around at least until Sunday to take his last shift at Cafe Fina, but consider this the beginning of the end, for him. He's had a good run, and it's almost time for him to go home.]
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No. No. No. No. No. No. No.


Warren collapsed on his bed after listening to the phone message left by Momoko, and he stared at his ceiling for a good, long time, before quietly dialing his phone again.

He wasn't calling his dad, this time. And he was pleasantly surprised when the person he was phoning picked up.

"Hey, mom... Just... Calling to say I miss you."

When the conversation ended, maybe he'd bury his head under his pillow and pretend he wasn't upset, or something stupid like that.

[His door is open, because dammit, Warren actually doesn't want to be alone tonight. Weird.]
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"Hey, dad. It's Warren again. I'm starting to wonder if you even have room on your answering machine anymore, but hey, at least if you've run out by now you won't have to listen through three or four lifetimes of me phoning you like this someday, huh? I'm sixteen still, but not for long. Seventeen tomorrow, dad! I've still got that job at the cafe, and I'm still hanging out with that girl I mentioned last time. She's been trying to get me to go swimming with her. Weird, huh? Me. Swimming. I don't even like the beach, except that I can throw fire around. Other than that, seventeen doesn't seem like it's going to be much different than sixteen was. I'm, uh, still not a villain. Not really a hero either, don't worry. I think I want to call Mom sometime, too, but I can actually talk to her. She'll want to know all that stuff I've been telling you, dad. Asking about girls and school and if I've followed in your footsteps and become a criminal mastermind, and if I have then I'm grounded for life. Thanks loads, Mom, right? ... Seventeen tomorrow."


"I miss you dad."

Warren hung up his phone, sighed, and reached for a book. Seventeen, sixteen, whatever. Wasn't like any of it made any difference either way.

[Open post is open! I probably won't be about tomorrow for a job interview, so Warren gets to birthday whine today.]
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No classes. No homework. The dorms were about as quiet as one could expect, today.

Warren had spent the better part of his day pondering how to spend it. He could swing by work, see if they had a special on turkey sandwiches or something. He could hang around in his room, continuing to be antisocial. He was good at that.

Or... he could pick up the phone. )

He sat around for a moment more. And then picked up the phone one more time.

[Establishy-thing, unless someone doesn't mind suuuuper slowplay, not because of the holiday, but because I'm going to bed and then I work tomorrow.]
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Homecoming. If there was anything that antisocial Warren Peace did not want to be a part of, it was the big social gathering known as homecoming. Just another excuse for a bunch of social kids to dress up and socialize. Socially.

Warren wasn't the sort, really, so he was perfectly content with the notion that he might end up with the room all to himself for a nice, quiet evening.

Besides, all the crazy people tended to show up at school dances, anyhow.

[Expecting someone, but open post is open for before the great heist!]
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Without any classes today, Warren had decided to take the opportunity to get out, take a walk, and be anywhere that didn't involve having to be around people.

The beach, naturally, was the perfect place for that. He'd spent the better part of the morning outside, picking up stones and tossing them into the air, and then hurling little fireballs at them to send them careening off into the water. It was practice. For all that he wasn't supposed to play with his powers outside the gym of his old school, that rule... really didn't make sense, when he had no access at all to the gym of his old school. And besides, a pyrokenetic without practice was really just a matchbox waiting for a spark.

He'd been at it for all of an hour when he decided it was time to take a break.

The moment Warren's butt had touched the sand, he found himself considerably smaller than usual. And a little more damp. Fandom clearly had a sense of humor, because it had deigned to transform Warren into a fire belly newt.

After a moment of consideration, Warren decided that this suited him just fine, so long as it wasn't permanent, and he skittered off to wait for it to wear off from underneath a rock. He didn't mind.

Just so long as he didn't end up eating too many bugs.

[Establishy-thing? Warren's a newt until I get home from my vacation-thing, woo!]
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It's that time, isn't it? Time for a post full of info about Warren Peace, or something of the sort?

I can provide! )
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Warren was going to go attend summer camp at a high school that was superhuman-friendly. This in itself wasn't really a stretch, of course. He'd spent his freshman year at Sky High, after all. Took a few classes, spent some time in detention, saved the world.

Nothing horribly out of the ordinary... )

[Establishy, of course! Looking forward to getting Warren onto the island tomorrow!]
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To be updated with the new schedule table every time a new term rolls around.

Under the cut. Of course. )


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